Since 2002, X Medical Picture specializes in the development of medical imaging solutions.

Today we have nearly 1,000 facilities in France.

Thanks to our international reach, we develop our activities in Europe and worldwide, offering advanced technologies and expertise with independent radiology practices, clinics and hospitals.

Working as project managers, our teams helps you dispassionately project yourself in the future. 
We act as technical and reliable advisors.

A choice of partners and innovative products, together with our high technical skills, lead more and more medical imaging centers to trust X Medical Picture for their installations.



Technical Innovations

Listening to our customers, we are continually driven to develop and improve our products to answer to the market demands.

XMP Teams

Our technical and commercial teams consist of highly qualified people who are able to bring you the best answers to your context.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the center of our concerns. Our growth and customer loyalty demonstrated daily the quality of our products and facilities.

Congress & Events

We participate in a number of congress and events in France and abroad. We welcome you at any of these events to introduce you to our offers.